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Fire Protection Specialists Bangor Office


Family Owned and Operated
Serving the Tri-State Area Since 1991

A Note From Our President

Working to protect your investments 24 hours a day, our business is to prevent fires. If a fire does happen, our systems and equipment work to prevent a small fire from becoming a disaster.


In 1991 I started Fire Protection Specialists when I went to Elk Grove Village, IL, and loaded my car with fire extinguishers to sell here in the La Crosse area. I have since expanded our product and service line to include a full range of fire and life safety installations, equipment, and alarm systems. 


We operate with over 25 service vehicles and have over 40 fulltime employees in a 250 mile radius serving our customers with fire extinguishers, restaurant hood cleaning, fire training, and alarm installation and maintenance. 2023 brought the addition of our very own Sprinkler division. Adding 14 trucks on the road and employing over 23 people. We have dedicated our life and business to the safety of yours.

Tom Anderson - President & CEO

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1906 Commercial St. Bangor, WI


1740 N. Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, WI 






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